Wednesday, 15 October 2014

David Higgs Platinum Exhibition

It was good to see that a workshop student whom I taught last year platinum printing is having an exhibition next month. It shows a collection of images he shot at Ashdown Forest in Sussex. This particular image aswell as others we printed on the workshop and will be shown at the exhibition. The show runs from 8th November 2014.

Old Lodge (Winter), Platinum/Palladium print, David Higgs

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sarah Moon 'About Colour' Exhibition 2014

A show not to miss this February is Sarah Moon’s exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery. Opening 20th February it will showcase some of her new aswell as older colour carbon prints. Her work is beautiful and the alternative printing process really suits her work. I spoke to Todd Gangler recently who prints her work and he says this new work is the best he has ever printed. The process is very labour intensive, to learn more about this challenging teachnique see this collection of video's here.  If you like the look her imagery  its worth checking out her set of books ‘12345’ which is now in its second printing, it’s a favourite of mine and although quite expensive is worth it.

Fashion 5, Gaultier, 1998,© Sarah Moon,Colour Carbon print 57 x 74cm

L’Express Styles, Sarah Moon, Colour Carbon print 57 x 74cm
  Foudroyé en plein vol, août 2013, © Sarah Moon,Colour Carbon print 57 x 74cm

 Additional Information 

It is difficult to summarise Sarah Moon's fantastical photography - almost thirty years of image making has made Sarah Moon a legend in her own lifetime. Well known for her personalised commercial and editorial work since the early 1970s, Moon has continued to investigate a dream world of her own invention, without repetition or compromise. For more than thirty-five years, Moon’s heart-stopping fashion images have bucked every so-called commercial trend, from the need to establish eye contact – it is only rarely there – to the belief that the most alluring fashion photograph must be glossy, even hyper-real. ‘About Colour’ brings together new, old and unseen works, photographed exclusively in colour.

 “I think of colour as more of a common language. More generous, more open, not transposed, the language of the real. When I shoot flowers or any still life, or fashion, colour forces me to be more abstract, I have to make the effort to transpose it, in order to get closer to what it was that first impressed me’

 ‘For me, black and white is closer to introspection, to memories, to loneliness and loss, I don’t see the same in colour – it’s another language, a living language.” -

 Sarah Moon 2008 ‘About Colour’ follows Moon’s major 2013 exhibition ‘Alchimies’ at the Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wendy Bevan- Upcoming show


 Wendy Bevan, a talented photographer who I have been working with over the last few years translating some of her polaroid imagery into platinum prints has an upcoming pop up show at the Cob Gallery in London from the 11th-14th April.  A selection of  some her wonderfully unique instant imagery shot over the last 10 years for the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Clare, some published and unpublished will be on display.  It’s a great opportunity to view and own some very special Polaroid’s from her vast collection.

 I recently wrote about her imagery in an article that featured in this months black and white photography magazine which you can view on our sister blog the Art of Platinum Printing, to view click here

From the Press Release

The Cob Gallery is excited to announce Inventory: 10 Polaroid Years, an exhibition of London photographer Wendy Bevan’s archive.

Wendy Bevan is known for her surreal aesthetic, and a tender, sympathetic portrayal of the feminine form, working exclusively in Polaroid film.

Each Polaroid acts as Bevan’s negative, from which she works free from digital manipulation. As such they are distinct, precious, and totally unique objects, being exhibited for the first time in a pop up show.

“One of the charms of working exclusively with Polaroid film, is that the collection I have in my photography archive is vast, and ever expanding. Having worked as a photographer for nearly a decade, I have decided to sell a selection of these Polaroid’s from my archive of thousands of images, which remain unseen, and unpublished. ‘Inventory’ is a journey through the last 10 years of my photographic work on Polaroid.”

The photographs in the show will be a selection of personal works, and unpublished images from commissions for many of the major publications that Bevan has worked for, including Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, I-d, Harpers Bazaar, Muse Magazine, Nylon, How To Spend It, Marie Claire Italia, Stiletto, The Independent.

Approximately 200 Polaroids from the archive will be available for sale for the very first time. Each will be framed and signed by the artist, prices starting from £150.