Friday, 28 September 2007

Ahh Registration!!

Turns out the registration was about 1mm out on the print without the pre size (see above image), the pre sized print was out by about 1/2mm, although the later appers more blochy in the highlights. I believe a registration difference even this small might make cause the final print to lose sharpness and i would prefer not to if at all possible.

On the plus side the inadvertant change to dye based inks to print the platinum negative has resulted in a much more luminous print than the print made with the pigment ink negative. Having looked on the net it has been suggested that the 'pre size' soak should be in warm water (125f) for an hour, as opposed to the 5 mins i gave it last night. I have now done this and will try printing another platinum print to see if it will register on the cyanotype negative.

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