Saturday, 29 September 2007

Arches Platine & Cyanotype

Spent another day printing although this time just in cyanotype, i am really enjoying printing with Arches Platine as the luminosity of the final print is quite special if you get the negative right. People have told me that Fabriano Artistico Bright white is also an excellent paper to try with both cyanotype and platinum, although it requires a pre soak of 4% oxalic acid to take away the alkaline which a lot of these watercolour papers seem to have these days. Quite a productive day, a few prints might be 'keepers' but will wait for the dry down tomorrow before 'counting chickens'.

I was finally able to successfully print my largest contact print too, below shows the print hang drying. The full sheet is 20x16 and the actual print size is 11x14. Some slight solarisation around the edges although it does not show to much.

The paper i used to use for all my cyanotype prints (Fabriano Rospina) became very difficult to coat large sheets using a glass rod as the sensitizer was absorbed to quickly. With the Arches Platine I am usually able to coat successfully with a 17” glass rod as the surface is very smooth and is not absorbed as quickly which is great news as i have wanted to print larger prints for a while now.

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