Friday, 28 September 2007

New Cyanotype over Platinum print

Spent all day calibrating as i want to see how a cyanotype over platinum looks, cant afford one of Kenro's yet, I think they start at $3500!

Its going to require some sort of registration which could be problamatic for me as i have never done it before. The above image shows some of the calibration prints i did to see how the two prints will come together. One had a sizing bath before exposure the other one did not.

I will be printing the cyanotype over the top tommorow once they are dry and completly flat.I just hope the paper has not shrunk as my cyanotype registation negative will be out!

Below is a how i want the end print to look like (its a scan of the platinum and i added a blue filter in PS to see) Will post the results tommorow if i can get the cyanotype negative to register.

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