Saturday, 18 October 2008

Busy with Workshops

Last week we had two Platinum workshops which went really well, the participants created some excellent prints. Since moving over to the Dichromate method which uses Potassium Oxalate as the print developer the tones produced have been extremely smooth especially for high key prints. I still teach using the Ratio method on the workshop however participants usually decide upon the Dichromate method for developing their platinum/palladium prints. Below shows a few of the results that were scanned in after the workshop. I like Silbury hill by Mark, quite reminisant of the composition and tone Sugimoto achived with his famous Seascape images.

'Silbury Hill' Mark Somerville

'San Fransisco Church' Mark Somerville

'Van & Her Mum' John Hodder

'Luminosity' John Hodder

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