Thursday, 12 March 2009

Large Cyanotype prints

I was inspired to write about the challenges that I am having with coating large prints by a fellow blogger Brain Palowski who details the various methods one uses to coat an alternative print such as Cyanotype and Platinum, in addition he describes some techniques employed by well known alt photo printers. (see

I too am interested in coating methods at the moment as i am attempting to coat some 20"x24" prints in Cyanotype 2 with a glass rod. I have had to commission such a large rod to be made, B&S will make any size rod you want for $44, which is good value IMO. I am able to get two passes down on smaller prints that are 20x16" but to get the denisty i am after i think it will require 4 passes, so i plan to have to 2 syringes, once i have done the two passes and the sensitiser runs out apply another line of sensitiser and attempt another two passes.

Kenro Izu i know uses a brush to coat his large platinum prints see video below, however i just have never been able to coat consistently with a brush which is disappointing but i am sure it just takes practice as is the case with most alt photo techniques. I have used a rod for about 5 years now and don't want to put it down!

Another alternative is to use the brush and and rod as is shown by platinum printer Arkady Lvov, see video @

This is the best of both worlds and is a technique worth investigating.The rod enables you to get a good first coat down and then by using the brush you can even the coat out. I have tried this method and it works but again practice is key!

I will post some pictures of my progress with large Cyanotypes in the next week. I will try to blog a lot more over the coming months :)

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