Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Challenge of Creating Large Alternative Prints

After many late and sleepless nights today I finally successfully printed a cyanotype measuring 34x27 inches (approx 90x70cm) that I am happy with (see final image, 10x8” print on the right to show scale). I suppose on refection it has taken some 8 years to get to this stage as I always wanted to print this large but early on I was limited by my resources. The jump from 10x8 inches to 20”x16” was a challenge in itself, it took almost three months to learn how to successfully coat the paper this size without any surface imperfections. The jump to 34”x27” was similarly challenging, again in terms of coating, this larger size is 9 times the surface area of a 10x8” print, other hurdles included finding a suitable paper that would take enough sensitiser without creating paper flaws, sourcing developing trays, printing negatives that size without loss of detail in the final print. I am now limited by the paper size which I print with as I can only obtain it in 39”x27” (100x70), although I really don’t intend on going that much larger.

The next process I intend to print this size is a kallitype toned with platinum and then finally a platinum/palladium print, I am sure there will be as many hurdles that will need to be overcome however I am looking forward to trying. Will post my progress on the blog.

After Coating

Before Exposure

During Exposure

Developing print in Water

Final Print (34x27 on left -10x8inch on right hand side)

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