Thursday, 21 October 2010

Commission with Artist Richard Rigg

I have recently been working with contemporary artist Richard Rigg on a Cyanotype print commission. The project took a number of months to complete and pushed me into new areas of Cyanotype printing which was stimulating as well as interesting.

Richard wanted to create a print that was formed entirely from an objects shadow. Quite different to a photogram where the object is placed in direct contact with a sensitised piece of paper. Photographers known for creating photograms include Ann Atkins (shown below) and Man Ray.

We had to find a way of suspending the object and taking a recording of its shadow. As we found out UV creates shadows that are quite different from those created by normal light, so much experimentation was needed. The object was a knot made of coloured string, a diagram of it is shown below.

 In Richards own words 'The knot used was an amphichiral knot with 15 crossings, this type of knot has the interesting property of being able to be transformed into its own mirror image so they are essentially the same as there apparent opposites, I was also interested in using an early, formative photographic process in which to frame the work.'

 The final print is shown below and was exhibited  recently at Workplace gallery. We were both pleased with how it turned out. The colour was a really intense blue similar to Yves Klien blue (I have Mike Ware’s Cyanotype II formula to thank for that!.)

To see more of Richards work visit :

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