Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Platinum Prints to be Exhibited

A selection of my new platinum prints will be exhibited by Edel Assanti at the Contemporary Editions Fair ‘Multiplied’. I have recently been taken on by Edel Assanti who are based in London’s Victoria and  will be represetning my platinum work, Stephanie Hoppen in South Kensington who i have been wiith for 4 years will continue to represent my Cyanotype prints. The work on show is a new series of prints exploring the theme of curiosity which I have been developing over the last five years. If you get a chance head down there and take a look, its held at Christie’s in South Kensington from Friday 15th October to 18th October, other galleries of note who are showing include the White Cube, Whitechapel Gallery and one of my favourite publishing houses the Paragon Press.

Images from Curiosity Series, this selection all taken in Paris.

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