Saturday, 10 March 2012

Large Scale Alternative Photographic prints

I recently became aware of a noval idea for creating large scale photographic type prints. The product is called Inkodye and is a light-sensitive dye for photograms, shadow prints, painting. It can be used cotton, wood, suede, silk and other natural fibers. I have not used it but I am sure others might be interested in trying it out.


On a related issue i came across the work of Christian Marclay the other day. In 2010 he produced a series of large scale cyanotype prints that explored the interplay between two outdated recording methods—the cyanotype and the audio cassette. At nearly 2 and a half metres long these are some of the largest cyanotypes i have seen.

Allover (Mariah Carey,Gloria Estefan and others) Cyanotype photogram 131x254 cm

To see more of his work visit the Fraenkel gallery at

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