Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cathleen Naundorf's Stunning Colour Polariods

The last few posts have been about Irving Penn, well it just so happens that I have recently come across the stunning imagery of a women photographer by the name of Cathleen Naundorf who is regarded by some as the next Irving Penn....well a female version.(click here to download a recent article on her in Vs magazine)

Her colour polaroid’s are simply exquisite, I would hope that they might end up being printed as colour carbon prints like Sarah Moon's work.   Hamilton’s gallery in London’s  Mayfair currently have an exhibition of her black and white silver gelatin prints. She is releasing a book entitled  'Haute Couture: The Polaroids of Cathleen Naundorf' at the end of June which will highlight her colour polaroid work which I very much look forward to seeing.


 Below are a few examples, to see more visit her website at

 Corset  - John Galliano
artist's workshop - rue Caulaincourt, Paris

Secret times (Grand palais I) - Chanel
Grand Palais, Paris

La nuit blanche - Gaultier

Kew Gardens  Philip Treacy
Kew Gardens, London

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