Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Platinum/Palladium over Pigment

Over the last few years I have been experimenting with the Platinum over Pigment technique as I have always wanted to incorporate into a colour image the beautiful tones associated with the platinum/palladium printing process. Previous attempts to do this with three colour gum and inkjet pigment prints have looked rather muted and image resolution has not been as good as I would have hoped for.

However after an extended period of testing I have finally got to a stage where I am happy with the final dried down prints using this hybrid process.  Choice of paper seems critical for this technique to work well, together with pre-treating/debuffering the printing paper to make registration as accurate as possible and also making it suitable for both the inkjet layer and platinum/palladium layer.

 Below shows one example of a portfolio of prints I am currently working on with one of the most talented emerging fashion photographers Wendy Bevan. Originally shot on colour polaroid the prints have translated well into the alternative hybrid printing process. More to follow…

Edna, St. Vincent Millay, Wendy Bevan, 2010, Platinum/Palladium over Pigment

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