Monday, 29 October 2012

Silver & Light Wet Plate Project

I have always had a fascination with the wet plate collodion process, of all the alternative photographic printing process's its the one that can create the most unique and wondrous imagery in the right hands. At present I am in the process of translating some beautiful wet plates into platinum prints which you can learn more about here. Recently I came  across an inspirational video shown below on Ian Ruhter's wet plate photography. Its a great story of a photographer/alchemist pushing the limits of the process with all the highs and lows that come with it.


 Ian Ruhter/ Wet Plate Collodion 48’x60”/See the forest for the trees /Tahoe, CA /11.27.2011

Ian Ruhter/ Wet Plate Collodion 36”x24”/ The Lake /Mammoth Ca, 10.10.2012

Ian Ruhter,.Trevor Ricioli, Lane Power /4x5 feet Wet Plate Collodion/ 5.7.2012

The plates measure upto 48x60 inches and must be some of the largest ever created. It would be wonderful to see them in person.He is currently photographing people in various U.S States who have inspirational stories to tell as part of the Silver & Light project, one such example is shown below entitled Matilda

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Paris Photo 2012 Preview

Paris Photo is the worlds biggest photography fair and hosts more than 120 galleries and 23 photo book publishers. Previously held at the Carrousel du Louvre, it now takes place at the Grand Paliais which I found to be a much better location.This years event will present a huge variety of historical and contemporary photography and many one and two-man shows that allow collectors and photographers alike to look at a coherent body of work.  Some of the work on show last year was exceptional and am looking forward to going this year. As usual i will blog about some of the highlights from the show which runs from 15th-18th November. For further information visit

Lens Culture also has a preview slideshow of images that will feature at this years show, to visit the blog click here

A few highlights include :

© Sarah Moon, Avril, 2003 Courtesy of Camera Obscura

© Joel-Peter Witkin, The Reader, Paris, 2011 Courtesy of Baudoin Lebon

© Josef Sudek, Moldau Island, Prague 1952 Courtesy Galerie Johannes Faber

© Erik Steffensen, Girl with Camera, 2011 Courtesy of Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

© Cathleen Naundorf, Secret Times (Grand Palais I)  2010 Courtesy of Bernheimer Fine Old Masters e.K.

© Chuck Close, Calla Lily, 2007 Courtesy of Danziger Gallery

© Norman Parkinson, Le Groux Soeurs Hat, 1952 Courtesy of Eric Franck Fine Art

© Jeff Cowen, Camille 1 and 2, 2006 Courtesy of Huis Marseille Collection

    Also In preparation for this years show below are a couple of videos taken at Paris Photo 2011 featuring some  interesting work by photographic artists I have written about previously including Irving Penn (Platinum Prints) and Boris Savelev (Multi-layer Pigment Prints). The interviews were conducted by Michael Kurcfel.

Upcoming Platinum Printing Article in Silvershotz

Here is a few excerpts from the 13 page article on my platinum printing studio, DC Editions, that will feature in next months ‘International Journal of Cotemporary Photography.’ (Volume 8, Edition 4). For larger versions click on images or here,

The article highlights the working practices of my printing studio and features scanned platinum/palladium print reproductions of some of the artists I have worked with over the years including Rankin/Damien Hirst, Simon Larbalestier, Stefan Milev, Wendy Bevan, Paul Coghlin and others.

Will post full article once it has been published.

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